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Management Team

Kevin Prendergast - Chief Executive

Kevin joined IAASA in November 2016 from his role as Head of Enforcement with the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, having been employed there since 2005.  Prior to that he worked in the Large Cases Division of the Revenue Commissioners and also has several years experience in the private sector including a number of years working in an audit firm.  Kevin is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. As well as a holding a Bachelors Degree and  a Masters in Accounting from University College Dublin, he also holds an MSc in Executive Leadership from the University of Ulster.


Lisa Campbell - Head of Statutory Reporting Quality 

Lisa is responsible for the examination of the level of compliance of certain entities’ annual and half-yearly financial reporting with applicable financial  reporting standards, the quality assurance of public interest entity auditors and audit firms, and for adopting the Auditing Framework for all statutory audits in Ireland. Lisa is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland and  joined IAASA in 2015. Prior to this, Lisa spent 12 years with PwC providing audit services. Lisa also acted as examiner and moderator for Chartered Accountants Ireland for several years, in the Auditing Cap 2 exam, the Auditing FAE Elective and FAE Core examination.


Eileen Townsend - Head of Regulatory & Monitoring Supervision

Eileen is responsible for the supervision of the regulatory activities of the eight prescribed accountancy bodies in Ireland. This includes responsibility for on-site reviews of the regulatory activities of those bodies including in particular in respect of the authorisation of audit firms to undertake statutory audit as well as approval of standards applied to members. On behalf of IAASA she has participated at various EU groups including EECS, EGAOB and has also attended as observer at the FRC’s Audit and Assurance Council. Eileen joined IAASA in 2006, working as a project manager in the Financial Reporting Quality unit. Prior to joining IAASA, Eileen lectured in accounting and auditing in Dublin City University and was chairperson of the Accounting and Finance Programme Board. She commenced her career in PwC where she was an assistant audit manager in Dublin. Eileen is a fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland with a primary degree in Accounting and Finance (DCU), a Masters degree in Accounting (DCU), a Diploma in IFRS (CAI) and a Diploma in Regulatory Management (IMI). 


Fergal Ó Briain - Secretary and Head of Finance & Administration

Fergal is a professional accountant and has been employed in the public service since 1987.  Throughout his career he has worked in various Government Departments, the Local Government Management Agency, and a State funded private entity.  Fergal is a member of the Irish Tax Institute, and holds other qualifications in ICT and in management.  He has been Head of Finance & Administration with IAASA since its establishment, and was appointed as Secretary to the Board in 2015.